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Land Special – Stagecoach Trails 710 Billy the Kid

Just $18,900 – Possible Owner Financing, Call Now  Pending!

Lovely Parcel in easy to get to location in Stagecoach Trails near primary road, Jesse James.

Nice vegetation: Joshua Trees, Ocotillo, Barrel Cactus, and loads of wildflowers. Wide panoramic views of the Hualapai, Mohave & Black Mountains. Crystal clear night skies for your stargazing pleasure, and truly dark skies!

Get to where you’ve always wanted to be – the beautiful high desert of Northwest Arizona. Big 40 acres Surveyed, staked. 100% Water & mineral rights.

Come join the growing community of Yucca Arizona, where Grand Mohave desert meets blue Sonoran skies. Close for visitors from California, and nearby Lake Havasu City and Kingman are a low stress drive away. What are you waiting for?

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A Look at RVs Benefits and Costs

If you dream of hitting the open road with a house on wheels, you may be thinking about buying an RV, or recreational vehicle. It’s an especially alluring idea these days.

According to the RV Industry Association, between 9 million and 10 million people in the United States own RVs—1 million live in them full time. And the demand for RVs has substantially increased in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Not only are we hearing from RV dealers across the country that their sales are up compared to last spring, but new research shows that 1 in 4 Americans intends to take some kind of RV-related action in the next 12 months—such as taking an RV trip, buying or renting an RV, even visiting an RV dealership,” says Craig Kirby, president of RVIA.

Part of the draw of RVs is that they allow people to vacation with their families without risking exposure to COVID-19 by boarding a plane or entering a hotel.

Source: Want an RV as a Home This Summer? The Benefits and Costs of Recreational Vehicles, Revealed

We are seeing more and more folks that want to have a desert getaway in case things get dicey again. There really is a rush to Mohave County, and to places away from the big cities. Anecdotally, around the country we are hearing of homes that had languished before being out and away from town, but suddenly there were three offers.

It bodes well for sales, and we welcome the new “refugees;” welcome to our world. Please be careful out there, the desert is unforgiving.

We’ve dreamed of having an RV for years, and almost came close to pulling the trigger in 2005, but happily waited.

I think of RVs as a hot potato, that is, you buy it when you need it, and sell it if for any reason you’re not going to use it. The depreciation curve is steep, and waiting a year can make a difference.

On the other hand, it seems that after 20 years, the value has plunged enough so that if one is diligent, one can encounter some real low mileage gems for under $10,000. What’s not to love?

Leaving your RV out on the dirt in the desert is not advised for long term without at least occasional inspections to prevent pack rats, mice, and other varmints form moving in to your lovely “homestead.” Get to know your neighbors, and with any luck they can stop in every once in a while and keep an eye. Often, just a well worn driveway will discourage thieves.

and don’t forget the septic… Ben


Land Special of the Week Parcel L1A Carrow

Update : Sold!

1+ acre piece of desert beauty where the Mohave desert meets blue Sonoran skies.

Lush desert vegetation: Joshua trees, Palo Christie, beavertail, hedgehog, and a plethora of wildflowers.

Starry starry nights. Basic dirt driveway, ready for your RV or off grid home. Stunning views in all directions.

Milky Way nights, and gorgeous Spring wildflowers. Close to miles and miles of Federal Lands not only on all four sides of this subdivision, but nearby too are thousands of acres for all your off road adventures. Peace and quiet, just what the doctor ordered.

Pretty, affordable, and just waiting for you. Don’t miss this value!

Owner/Broker (I know, those darn brokers,  really I’m one of the good guys,) and it is a great price.

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Land Special of the Week 2838 Red Cloud Drive

Gorgeous Parcel in Stagecoach Trails. Value priced at just $17,000. (Update: Pending sale 5/16/2020)

Lush vegetation including Joshua Trees, Ocotillo, Barrel Cactus, and loads of wildflowers. Dark skies for astronomical pleasure, and excellent mountain views! Hualapai, Mohave, Black Mountains – lovely views.

Surveyed, staked. 100% Water & mineral rights. No flood zone, very usable property.

Nice! Get to where you’ve always wanted to be – the beautiful high desert of Northwest Arizona. Big 39.87 acres .

Near to 840 acres of State of Arizona Trust land. Private, yet has easy access to main roads. Owner may finance with decent down payment, everything is handled by the Title Company, so it’s never been easier!

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Land Special of the Week – 2694 Rimrock Drive

Excellent 40 acre parcel in exclusive homes only part of Stagecoach Trails. Right up close to the Hualapai mountains for extreme big views, and cooler summer temps. 3,000 ft elevation. Clear milky way nights, and endless views of the valley, Mohave & Black Mountain ranges, even Flattop. $59,900

Loaded with high desert vegetation: Joshua Trees, Ocotillo, Cholla, Juniper, and a million wildflowers. The perfect spot for a self sufficient home.

Located in the homes only part of Stagecoach Trails, there are already several nice homes in the neighborhood.

Surveyed, staked, corners marked. 100% water & mineral rights. Easy access via County Maintained Alamo Rd, and then a short distance to paradise on bladed roads, including historic La Cienega Ranch Rd.  Away from it all, but a stress free ride to Kingman, Lake Havasu City, or river fun.

Need space? Here it is with some of the most stunning scenery in all of the world, perfect for all of your outdoor adventures & lifestyle.

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Real Estate Update April 2020

We started off April, very concerned about the coronavirus, and here at the end of the month, we’re still concerned, but ever more hopeful as it appears that the lockdown will probably do more damage than the virus. Only time will tell, but we sure have all been stunned at the rapid change to every aspect of our lives, and not just here, but world wide.

Real estate has continued at a brisk pace in Mohave County with some slowing in residential sales, but overall still very strong.  I believe that once our economy is opened from its’ current strangled state that we’ll see a surge of pent up demand, especially from southern California.

Meanwhile, suddenly Yucca Arizona land is a hot item. We’ve seen a big uptick in land sales from everyone who actively works here. For the first time in many years, we are seeing the inventory begin to clear a bit, and finally some price appreciation. One can only hope…

It makes sense to me, as I feel a sense of security here on 40 acres that I wouldn’t have in a locked down city. While its somewhat tedious to have virtually no personal social contact, it’s pleasant here, and I don’t feel boxed in at all. The garden keeps every spare moment occupied (and sometimes the guitar does too!)

Solar power is liberating from the grid. Decentralization allows one to adjust to changing conditions whether it be cloudy days, extra power needs for the hot days etc.  It’s challenging to adjust your lifestyle to your power production, but having redundant systems brings a peace of mind that being dependent on government or utility companies can never give.

Besides the natural beauty that we experience here on a daily basis, there’s the knowing that my neighbors and friends here are for the most part, very independent and self sufficient. Many are far more prepared than us, but more importantly, helpful and supportive.

April is ending on a hot note, and by hot, I mean the actual temperature. We’re seeing an early heat wave going from pleasant 70s to warm 90s virtually overnight. Yucca will see 100 degrees this week. Often, the hot weather signals a big slowdown in land activity. We’ll see if this year is different. – Ben

Land Special of the Week – Stagecoach Trails Parcel 442

Update : SOLD

Gorgeous Parcel in Stagecoach Trails. Value priced. Lush vegetation including Joshua Trees, Ocotillo, Barrel Cactus, Juniper, Palo Christie, and loads of wildflowers. An out of the way location traffic wise, yet can easily get to primary roads and out to town. Very quiet & peaceful.

Dark skies for astronomical pleasure, and excellent mountain vistas! Hualapai, Mohave, Black Mountains – lovely views in every direction.

Surveyed, staked 100% Water & mineral rights. Get to where you’ve always wanted to be – the beautiful high desert of Northwest Arizona. Big 40.06 acres.

Very close to hundreds of acres of State of Arizona Trust land.  One of my personal favorites. Do not miss this one!

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Rural Land More Appealing During a Pandemic, Who knew?

When pundits and analysts say our country isn’t going to come out of the coronavirus pandemic the same, they know what they’re talking about.

Already, things are different. For instance, the fact that so many Americans have been so willing to give up their basic freedoms to elected leaders with no appreciable resistance, ostensibly to ‘protect them’ from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), is a change that future tyrants are not going to forget, of that you can be certain.

We have also discovered that our ‘just in time’ supply chain is wholly impractical and unreliable if demand ratchets up even a little bit, as we’ve seen since the pandemic began. There are still stores in areas that don’t have toilet paper yet, for example, while shortages of food, water, cleaning supplies and other commodities needed to protect ourselves from infection are long gone.

We’ve discovered that China really isn’t a reliable global partner and that the Communist leadership is willing to let tens of thousands or millions die for a mistake.

Finally, we are learning that more Americans realize our urban centers are disease-ridden death traps when pestilence and pandemics break out.

CNBC reports that the demand for rural homes and property has skyrocketed over the course of the pandemic, and as sickness and death spread throughout our largest cities, the demand grew even more intense: 

“We have seen that people are more interested in that house at the foot of the mountains by the lake,” Glenn Kelman said on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.” “Rural demand is much stronger right now than urban demand, and that’s a flip from where it’s been for the longest time, where everybody wanted to live in the city. We’ll see how it comes back, but there seems to be a profound, psychological change among consumers who are looking for houses.”

Source: Urban dwellers are scrambling to buy homes in rural America to escape the coronavirus death traps

We’re seeing a lot more activity than we have seen in quite some time out here in the Yucca, Arizona area. Some are already country folks and adapt easily, but for long time city dwellers, the off grid lifestyle is a little intimidating, and of course costly as well.

Many can’t seem to believe the low land prices here, but it’s raw land, and any improvements are on your dime. It’s far to get supplies, yet not so far as to be overwhelming. We do get UPS & Fedex so for now, everything is mostly just a few clicks away. One just plans trips to town with more care as to be sure to get everything. “Honey, I forgot the milk,” means no milk for a while.

The questions are the same: how much is a septic system? How much is solar? What about water? None are short answers, and one is advised to begin now to understand all of the many things that make one off grid, and more importantly self sufficient.

There are always lots of questions, just call me the answer guy – Ben

Land Special of the Week Stagecoach Trails Parcel 408D

This weeks’ gem is Stagecoach Trails parcel 408D  for 10.04 big acres. Update: SOLD

Nicely vegetated with a wide variety of desert flora.

It has a rustic cattle chute & corral area with old water tank. Dark skies for astronomical viewing, and exceptional mountain vistas! Hualapai, Mohave, Black Mountains – lovely views in every direction. Surveyed, staked 100% Water & mineral rights.

408C is also available if you’d like another 10 acre piece. Call for details. Get to where you’ve always wanted to be – the beautiful high desert of Northwest Arizona.

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Real Estate Update March 2020

My how the year has changed from what I had expected in early January.

We were first aware of the Coronavirus in late January, and although it was alarming even at the early stages, life pretty much went on in the same way. Sales were brisk, and the New Year appeared to be very bright indeed with residential sales soaring in the tri-city area , and even Yucca seeing a good revival.

We were in like a lion at the beginning of March, but now an ominous quiet has appeared with residential showings dropping off during the massive lock-down as many potential buyers come from nearby California.

Yesterday, two cases were confirmed in Mohave County, breaking our streak of zero, and popping our comfort bubble here. We have friends in the medical community, and we’re worried as well for their safety.

Land interest has happily continued, and while we won’t show anyone in our own vehicle now, many buyers opt to go out on their own anyway. We’re happy to have them follow us if they prefer a live agent. I’ve been making the rounds to see that corners are marked, and everything is fairly easy to find. We’re still getting calls and emails every day.

It is comforting to live on 40 acres. We feel somewhat removed from the craziness in the cities. Having our own power source (solar) and our own well/septic, as well as amply prepared soil for a garden is a decidedly good thing when sheltering in place.

We’ve always been modestly prepared, and we were picking up a few things weeks ago before all of the panic buying began. Sadly, I didn’t manage to get my hands on masks, but we did have a couple on hand.

We’ve managed to keep our human contact to a minimum, but have relented to a weekly trip to town for mail, groceries, and garden supplies. I have a vehicle in town that has been repaired, and I will have to go in with someone to reclaim and return it here over the weekend. It may be the last trip for a while. Wash your hands!