Real Estate Update March 2020

My how the year has changed from what I had expected in early January.

We were first aware of the Coronavirus in late January, and although it was alarming even at the early stages, life pretty much went on in the same way. Sales were brisk, and the New Year appeared to be very bright indeed with residential sales soaring in the tri-city area , and even Yucca seeing a good revival.

We were in like a lion at the beginning of March, but now an ominous quiet has appeared with residential showings dropping off during the massive lock-down as many potential buyers come from nearby California.

Yesterday, two cases were confirmed in Mohave County, breaking our streak of zero, and popping our comfort bubble here. We have friends in the medical community, and we’re worried as well for their safety.

Land interest has happily continued, and while we won’t show anyone in our own vehicle now, many buyers opt to go out on their own anyway. We’re happy to have them follow us if they prefer a live agent. I’ve been making the rounds to see that corners are marked, and everything is fairly easy to find. We’re still getting calls and emails every day.

It is comforting to live on 40 acres. We feel somewhat removed from the craziness in the cities. Having our own power source (solar) and our own well/septic, as well as amply prepared soil for a garden is a decidedly good thing when sheltering in place.

We’ve always been modestly prepared, and we were picking up a few things weeks ago before all of the panic buying began. Sadly, I didn’t manage to get my hands on masks, but we did have a couple on hand.

We’ve managed to keep our human contact to a minimum, but have relented to a weekly trip to town for mail, groceries, and garden supplies. I have a vehicle in town that has been repaired, and I will have to go in with someone to reclaim and return it here over the weekend. It may be the last trip for a while. Wash your hands!

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