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Stagecoach Trails #3357 Flattop Mountain

Update: 5/17/19 Price Reduced Now Just $34,900

Once in a while, we list a property that’s not only different from the typical parcel here, but is extraordinary. Stagecoach Trails Parcel #3357 is one of those.

Ding Ding Ding! A rare opportunity to own a piece of Flattop Mountain, a local Yucca landmark*Deceiving from the road, this property rises from a magnificent desert arroyo to some incredible vistas and lovely spots, and on to the base of Flattop*

Rolling mini mountains, and the secret hideaways within*A world of it’s own, and an unknown treasure just out of sight*Rugged, rolling, and rocky loaded with character*Starry nights, and beautiful vistas*

Great location, not too far from town, but still loaded with Joshua trees, ocotillo & a wide variety of desert flora*Nice*Flowers everywhere*Giant rock boulders, and quartz outcroppings*Barrel cactus galore, many growing in unique and delightful ways*Hualapai, Black, and Mohave Mountain vistas*

100% Water & Mineral Rights*Flattop towers over all*Geology & topography*Could be a wonderful desert park*This one is so cool, but my wife says we already have enough land*You really shouldn’t wait…

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Quick Spring Update

It’s been a whirlwind of a time here as we’re seeing sustained interest in property out here where the Grand Mohave desert meets blue Sonoran skies.

Be careful what you wish for, I’ve heard, and for years it’s been a drought in Real Estate here. Sure, there have been sales, but never a return to how it had been before the boom of 2005-2008. We had wished for some calls and lo and behold, the phone keeps ringing, and the emails and leads from a variety of websites are pouring in.

So, it’s back to “half days,” you know, 12 hours a day…

For the best deals, call or email. Don’t wait, all of a sudden we’re a hot commodity out here, but there are still some shockingly good values.


Land Special of the Week

This week’s special is 710 Billy the Kid Rd. It’s super pretty, and has a convenient location for either getting to Kingman, or to Lake Havasu City.

It’s close to primary Stagecoach Trails roads, near some State Trust lands as well as miles of Federal lands. Value priced at just $19,500, it may just fit your needs. It’s loaded with lush high desert vegetation: Ocotillo, Joshua Trees, Cholla, Red Barrel Cactus, and a zillion wildflowers.

Panoramic views of the Hualapai, Mohave, and Black Mountains. Wide open spaces as far as the eye can see. Truly a daily joy.

If you’ve wished for dark, clear skies to really see the stars the way that most can’t, come check out Yucca, Arizona.

One more bonus: there’s an old driveway & cleared area that wouldn’t take a whole lot to be ready to go camping or for your RV.

Take a look at Parcel 710:


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Land Special of the Week

Update: Pending

Well, that was quick. Told you it was great value!

Wow! Every once in a while, a really good value appears at Stagecoach Trails. It’s even nicer when it’s our own listing.

This week’s Special of the Week is a brand new listing at 19165 South Goldmine Rd. (Stagecoach Trails Parcel 7) offered at just $49,900. What makes this is amazing value is not just the prime location east of Alamo Rd., but this parcel already has an existing septic system and well. It’s practically turn key for your RV, or to start building that dream off grid home.

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Land Special of the Week

Here’s yet another of our featured best buys at Stagecoach Trails.

Update: Just reduced!! 

Parcel #218 Rawhide Rd. Just $12,900  $10,995

39.04 acres of desert beauty loaded with Joshua trees & splendid panoramic vistas of the Hualapai, Mohave, McCracken and Black Mountain ranges.

Recently, it looked like the Rockies after a snow storm. It’s all gone now, and it’s a nice 70 degrees Fahrenheit today.


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Saturday Week Highlights

It was a busy week with a lot of clients and running around. It feels like I’ve been by all of the 130,000 acres at Stagecoach Trails.

Meanwhile, we ended up listing seven different properties in the Yucca area, and there’s some real beauties in the bunch.

There’s something for every price range, and a wide variety of properties either closer to town, or snuggled up by the mountains.

So don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait…

Today, it’s been a little quieter, and I’m grateful. There are so many ranch chores that need my attention. Little by little I’m finishing those “must do’s” and getting caught up on gardening too.

Today was battery maintenance day where I clean all of the terminals on my 28 golf cart batteries (T-105s,) and check to make sure that every cell (3 to every battery) is full of distilled water. It’s pretty time consuming, but vital to battery life.

The weather is delightful, that time between the chill of winter, and the blazing heat of June. We’re loving it!



Land Special of the Week

We like to zero in on one particular listing each week that we think is an especially good value.

Stagecoach Trails Parcel 3457 – $39,900

It’s a real beauty, located on Alamo Rd., which is maintained, and it’s what we call “high speed dirt.”

It has panoramic up close views of the Hualapai Mountains, a stunning view of Flattop, and is relatively close in for convenience.

I recently took some gorgeous pictures after the snow storm, it looks like the Rockies. While we don’t get a whole lot of snow at ground level, we do get four seasons here, and it’s not unusual to have snow at the higher elevations. We’re glad that it’s finally back up into the 60s & 70s.

Check out the pictures by clicking “More”

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The House of Cards

Remember all those sub-prime mortgages that blew up in 2007 and popped the housing bubble? The widely-held consensus is that millions of them were foreclosed as housing markets cratered. Since then, the remaining ones have been quietly disappearing as markets recovered.

Here is the problem: That is just a fairy tale. The truth is these mortgages are still dangerous and could soon undermine the housing recovery.

Source: The Burning Platform