Land Listings

Current listings:


Please call us for the latest info. The market is so fast these days, it’s next to impossible to keep things here current. We do know where all the good deals are though. Call now!


(Please note: We often have more land/homes available, and especially when it’s busy like now, it’s best to contact us directly for the best information.) All listings are subject to changes in availability. We also try to highlight one of our listings every week on our blog page. You can also do a search on our site for “Land Special” to see our best. )

We’re part of WARDEX which is the multiple listing service for Mohave County and beyond, giving us almost 100% of what is for sale. If you see something listed anywhere, we can probably give you more information on it as well. We’re also members of Flex, which is the multiple listing service for Lake Havasu City and surrounding areas too.