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The Joy of Spring

This year has been glorious with one of the best wildflower seasons ever. Unfortunately with wildflowers comes pollen, and that semi delirious state when all of those histamines are making your head spin. Which is worse, the allergies or the Benadryl?

Mormon tea grows naturally here in the desert, literally all over. Simmer for 20 minutes, and you have a good tea for colds, allergies, or chest congestion. Please note that it is a stimulant and is not for those with heart conditions or prior to bed.

Here’s something every pollen sufferer will appreciate:

Via Bits and Pieces

A homeless man wandered into Kingman one day, here’s what happened

For years, the white-bearded man in the red Santa Claus outfit has been a familiar sight around this isolated high-desert town, his habits so routine people take notice when he’s not there.In triple-digit August heat and on frosty January mornings, he pushes an overloaded cart along congested Stockton Hill Road, his companion toy rabbit riding shotgun, trundling unsteadily between his haunts at supermarkets, fast-food joints and coffeehouses.Who is this character, this man in scarlet, people once asked. Is he homeless? Does he have substance or emotional issues? He seemed harmless, because not once did anyone see him stick out his hand to beg, bother or steal.Eventually, some stopped to introduce themselves. James Zyla, as he calls himself, greeted them in a charming British accent uncommon to rural Arizona. His last name, he said, rhymed with sarsaparilla, a lovely word he’d once used in a poem and decided to imitate. For starters, he’d say, he didn’t like the terms “homeless” or “living on the streets,” and much preferred “on the road.”

Source: A homeless man wandered in one day, and this Arizona town adopted him – Los Angeles Times