Discover 20 Self-Sowing Flowers! | Old Farmer’s Almanac

Many flowers reseed themselves! Here’s a list of over 20 annual and perennial flowers that you can plant once and enjoy for years. And if you are busy deadheading your flowers—stop! Take a look at the seed heads you are cutting off.

Let some of the seed heads ripen until they turn brown and split open. These seed capsules are like salt shakers full of tiny seeds. Scatter the seeds anywhere you would like them to grow or just let them drop where they are.

Next spring, keep a sharp eye out for the seedlings when weeding. Some may be slow to emerge. If there are more than you want you don’t have to keep them all. Thin them out to allow enough space for the plants to fully develop. Relocate the extras or pot them up to share with friends.


Via Old Farmers Almanac


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