How to Detect Air Leaks & Save Money

It doesn’t matter if your home was built in 1968 or 2018: There’s a good chance it has at least a few air leaks.

So what, you ask? Well, an increase in unwanted airflow could cut into your cash flow in the long run. “If you’re not sealing your home against air leakage, you’re significantly reducing your energy efficiency,”

Source: How to Detect Air Leaks and Stop Hemorrhaging Money |®

When one lives off-grid, every bit of power can be used just for cooling in the summer. The generator is our friend (although an expensive one.)

Today, our temps are expected to be around 110 degrees Fahrenheit, so we like that our super insulated straw bale house is keeping us in the high 70’s inside.

Batteries & solar panels become less efficient in the extreme heat, so it’s a double blow to our power needs.

Mornings are nice. We started off the morning at 86 degrees outside, but by 9:00 am it has jumped to 98 degrees.

Stay cool!

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