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Spring Comes Early to the Desert

Here’s something that we think you’ll love. Enjoy!

Spring Comes Early to the Desert

Joshua tree bud up close

Via alittlefurthersouth.com: 2015 (reposted today) While this blog focuses on Peru and we spend a great deal of time there every year, we’re lucky to be home for Spring. Though the groundhog may have predicted 6 more weeks of winter for our northern friends, we are seeing unusually warm temps here in northwest Arizona. Already the Joshua trees are forming buds, and we’re hoping that we’ll at least get a little more rain this month which would herald a good wildflower season this year. Below are some pics that we’ve taken over the years:

Several years ago (2013,) we had a spectacular display of Joshua Tree flowers. Some years, they don’t do anything (especially if it’s dry,) but we received a treat that year. Check these out:

Joshua tree bud

Joshua tree flower

White Joshua tree flower

Joshua Tree Blooming

Joshua Tree Blooming

In the same family, but with distinctive flowers is this Yucca:

Yucca in bloom


I’ll have to check with our neighbor & resident botanist to see what this is, but here’s another flower that we enjoy:

Desert Beauty

We love the flowers & hiking around on gorgeous spring days in the desert, but soon we’ll also have to watch out for these guys:

Western Diamondback

If we have a flowerful season, I’ll post more of these natural pictures. For our friends up north – hang in there, it won’t be long until Spring!

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