Launch of a new blog?

Every once in a while, I visit my own website (this one,) and am somewhat dismayed. My problem is that being somewhat of a dinosaurish techie, I’m loathe to relinquish control to someone unproven.

I have another website for our coffee business, and did quite well playing all the tricks to gain new subscribers, and in the end it really did work, and we have many faithful customers that combined with our “local” customers, makes for a nice little extra every month.

I had let a “flashy” website guy take over, and it was fine for several months. Soon though, there were issues with the theme (which is the overall internal workings of the page.) The young dynamic go getter web designer suddenly became the milk carton tech. One is then left to figure it out alone.

So when I came back to this site which had been rather neglected, it was with dismay. Sure, I have a website, but it sucks.

The good news is that I’ve finally decided to jump on it. The world probably doesn’t need another website to stare at daily, but there are some thoughts, and certainly pictures that can be shared, so here goes. Wish me luck!