Would you pay top dollar for your own property?

Great article about the importance of viewing your home or other property through the eyes of your buyers. It’s so easy to ignore the little cosmetic things that over time we take for granted.

It’s also very important to use lighting to your advantage, and neutral colors often influence buying decisions in residential sales. Clean, neat, and smelling good are vital to sales.

With vacant land, there are many factors that go into pricing, but any property that at least has a small driveway leading to a parking/camping area already has a leg up on the competition, and it can be accomplished with just a few hundred dollars.


Most sellers realize they are expected to do a few things to “spruce up” their home before they sell.

Do you understand exactly what you need to do and why? This information is vital to understand to positively position your house to sell.

This is just one part of the larger “total home transition”, but a critical part that will directly affect the list price, DOM (days on market) and ultimate sales price of your house.

The biggest mistake sellers make is not looking at their house through the eyes of the BUYER and not making the necessary visual and cosmetic updates in order to meet BUYER expectations.

Ask yourself, would you pay top dollar for your own house? If not, you need to understand why not and what to do about it.

We strongly encourage sellers to do a thorough (buyer-based) interior and exterior assessment of the house and property, in order to determine what “negative” issues need to be addressed to entice todays buyers.

Be objective and non-emotional when you do the assessment to create a task list and remain in control of the process. Gather the estimates to make a decision on which items will create the most positive impression and ensure the highest ROI (rate of return) on your investment.

Don’t get overwhelmed or be discouraged, it’s just a list. You have control of what you will ultimately decide what you will do and what you are willing to spend to do it. Understanding the financial impact of the decisions you will make is part of the process.

Source: Would You Pay Top Dollar for Your Own House? – Realty Times

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