Still Waiting

We’re still waiting for the warmer weather. It’s been a brisk couple of days wind wise, and this morning it was a mere 34 degrees F.

It’s supposed to be warm and in the 70s this weekend, which would be welcome for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

In life we’re always waiting, sometimes the wait is more noticeable than others, but it’s always something. When we’re young, it’s friends, and then the wait for lovers or spouses. Waiting.

When we’re older, it’s the march of life, family, and career. So many waits (or is it waitings?) Soon we’re waiting for retirement, even death.

Societies also grow and mature, and sometimes the undercurrents of discontent, or the mania of rapid bank fueled economic growth leads to another wait. The wait until the coming crash, or the wait until the rebirth.  Always waiting…

The Coyote waits. Sometimes it’s the rabbit hole, at other times the patient wait for the unwary. We’re always waiting…