Plant Now for Fall Abundance

Summer is still at its peak, but the days are getting shorter and fall is on the way. Are you planning to continue your harvest into autumn this year? If so, now is the time to get planting. There are so many interesting vegetables that thrive when the weather cools!

Source: Planting Vegetables for a Fall Harvest: When, How, and Why | The Old Farmer’s Almanac

It seems counter intuitive to start seeds now, as we’re in the hottest month of the year, but by planting seedlings indoors you’ll be ready to put them out when temperatures begin to cool again.

Our garden tomatoes are pretty much hibernating during the hot part of summer, and even if they revive when cool weather comes, they still won’t be as productive as new plants.

According to the useful book Solar Gardening, here in the southern zone, extra mulching and good shading will help any outdoor plantings.

We recommend seed starting now for fall harvests of tomatoes, peppers, and even summer squash can be tasty and fresh again soon. You’ll thank me later!


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