Frequent Visitors

Here, where the Grand Mohave Desert meets the blue skies of the Sonoran desert, we find abundant plant life that lives together in a unique ecosystem that has characteristics of three deserts: Mohave, Sonoran, and Great Basin (in Nevada and north.)

We’ll talk about plant life and perhaps consult with our resident botanist, Jan Emming in a later post. Today, it’s all about the birds.

Besides an abundance of resident birds which include quail, jays, sparrows, and even orioles, we have infrequent visits by migrating warblers. Ever elusive, it’s hard to get a good picture, but you can sure hear them sing.

Here’s a few that we’ve caught over the years:

A Quail chick

More birds here:

Building the nest

Cactus Wren with dinner for the young one

Western Tanager

That’s it for now kids, check back with your local Arizona blogger for more fun and games soon. Thanks for lookin’ and hope to see you!

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