Top Ten Hottest Houses this Week

Here’s the top ten most viewed listings (and they’re not all super expensive.)

The cover picture is from a $14.8 million dollar home on Dale Hollow Lake on the Kentucky/Tennessee border. As a child, we’d sometimes spend a few days on a houseboat at Dale Hollow. Lovely spot…

It isn’t owned by an A-lister, but that fact didn’t put a damper on the public’s interest in a massive, 61-acre estate in Byrdstown, TN. The $14.8 million lakefront spread racked up the most clicks this week and wound up as the week’s most popular home on realtor.comĀ®.

The gated mansion sits just two hours outside Nashville, high on a bluff overlooking Dale Hollow Lake. The huge, 31,600 square-foot home casts an imposing shadow on the rugged and pristine terrain below. It was completed in 2017 and is currently owned by an entrepreneur, according to listing agent Charlie Neese.

“The current owner believes it to be the second-largest house in the state at the moment,” says Neese. The agent then dashed our hopes for a country music connection. “The owner is an entrepreneur, not a celebrity from Nashville. It’s such a unique property, that’s the reason it’s attracting so much attention.”

Source: Massive $14.8M Tennessee Mansion Is the Week’s Most Popular Home | realtor.comĀ® (Click to see all ten homes)

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