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LA Real Estate Today: ‘Cannabis Open House’ for $3.5M Home

A Los Angeles brokerage held a marijuana-themed open house for a multimillion-dollar listing to attract potential buyers.

Rodeo Realty partnered with Society Group PR and the Mota Group, a members-only club for “cannabis creatives,” to host an event for 100 guests called “The Greenleaf Cannabis Laboratory.”

The open house featured such themed items as cannabis-infused chocolates and gummies, kombucha cocktails, vape pens, and CBD cream massages.

The home, located in an affluent Los Angeles suburb called Greenleaf Street, was also staged with hemp plants and marijuana paraphernalia.

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Los Angeles for more than a year, so the idea to host a cannabis open house was meant to lure more buyers to the $3.5 million home for sale.

“So I said, ‘Let’s brand an entire house with cannabis,’” Alexander Ali, founder and CEO of Society Group PR, told Business Insider.

“We’ll put cannabis plants in the MLS photos, we’ll have a trimming open house where brokers can get up close and personal with a cannabis plant and learn how to trim and cure it. And then we’ll throw a huge party where we have a bunch of cannabis activations from all these new brands and show people the evolution of cannabis.”

“This cannabis and CBD open house is the tip of the iceberg for luxury real estate in Los Angeles,” Quibrera said.

But did the event work? Two days after the open house event, listing agent Ben Quibrera of Rodeo Realty says he received an offer on the house and it’s currently in escrow.

Source: Brokerage Hosts ‘Cannabis Open House’ for $3.5M Home | Realtor Magazine