Moving Out

A combination of the coronavirus pandemic, economic uncertainty, and social unrest is prompting waves of Americans to move from large cities and permanently relocate to more sparsely populated areas. The trend has been accelerated by technology and shifting attitudes that make it easier than ever to work remotely.

Residents of all ages and incomes are moving in record numbers to suburban areas and small towns. A perfect storm of factors makes the decision to leave major cities like New York very obvious. The dense nature of urban living and the lack of proper local government planning led to the coronavirus spreading five times faster in New York than the rest of the country. The city that never sleeps now resembles a ghost town in many areas after thousands of its wealthy and middle-class residents fled early in the pandemic.

Source: Americans leave large cities for suburban areas and rural towns | TheHill

h/t to hardscrabblefarmer

We’re seeing the biggest uptick in sales since 2008. After years of little interest in rural, remote properties, interest has never been higher.

In the cities (Kingman, Lake Havasu, and Bullhead) many properties are selling within a day of being listed. We’re back into bubble territory, but with interest rates being at historical lows, the mini boom looks to continue.

Meanwhile, land prices are finally seeing upward pressure on prices, so now is a good time to get yours before it’s too late. Call now!


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