Far Out – This Weeks’ Most Popular Home

If psychedelic colors, copious amounts of wood paneling, and wrought-iron railings are your bag, you will love this week’s most popular home on realtor.com®.

It’s a time capsule that has remained relatively untouched for over five decades. Built in 1967, the Missouri home is still in pristine condition—from its hot-pink carpets and hand-carved wood paneling to a selection of bold wallpapers plucked straight from Carol Brady’s vision board.

Originally designed to look like an English manor, the home covers 34 acres and is crammed with architectural gems, for example, hand-carved fireplace mantels and a standout spiral staircase.

Everyone loves a well-preserved time capsule. If these walls could talk, they’d tell you it’s 1967 all over again. This seven-bedroom home looks relatively untouched from the day it was built, and the interiors aren’t dilapidated in the least.

Peep the deep red carpet in the formal living area, the dark wood cabinetry in the kitchen, and the variety of loud colors and patterned wallpapers throughout the home’s bedrooms.

Source: Missouri Time Capsule From 1967 Is the Week’s Most Popular Home | realtor.com®

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