The Age of Asparagus

It’s the dawning of the age of asparagus went the old cartoon.

Every year our asparagus patch wakes up and starts to shoot out tasty nutritious sprouts. Our little patch has been producing now for over 7 years, and every year like to return of the warblers, the asparagus returns with the first warm days.

Land Special of the Week – 450 Kit Carson

Update : 6/19/19 SOLD!

Owner will consider financing with a reasonable down.

Make an offer!

This weeks’ gem is Stagecoach Trails Parcel 450. It’s on Kit Carson Road between Shadow Lane & Red Cloud Rd.

It’s real beauty with spectacular views, and it’s just loaded with lush high desert vegetation. At just $17,900, it’s a smokin deal.

It’s off the beaten path enough to be super private, yet close to primary roads for easier access to Kingman or Lake Havasu City.

We’ve been busy here folks. It’s not too late to take advantage of the best prices in the last twenty five years, but soon it just might be. I’m not kidding, I’ve seen what happens when people realize how beautiful it is here. They tell their friends… Everywhere else prices have risen, we suddenly are a real “true value.”


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Frequent Visitors

It’s the time of year when out here on the ranch we start paying close attention to where we’re putting our feet.

It’s with good reason, as the desert has a host of things that want to bite or sting you, so it’s best to take heed.

A frequent visitor is the Western Diamondback. Usually not a super aggressive snake, you sure don’t want to step on one.

Years ago, I walked down to the garden first thing. On the way back not a few minutes later, in that morning reverie one can have before the coffee kicks in, I came less than 6 inches from stepping on a four footer. I was definitely awake after that, and so was the snake.

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Box of Lettuce

We always start our seeds at the beginning of January, so that tomatoes and peppers can get an early start.  Especially with tomatoes, we want to get the going early, so that we get a tasty crop before the excessive heat causes them to stop producing.

This year we took and old plastic container and grew lettuce. We’re using Burpee Bibb lettuce. It’s been very successful indoors. (See pic.)

Right now, we have three kinds of lettuce, cilantro, two kinds of tomatoes, tobacco, Aji peppers, basil, parsley, and kiowa growing. Today, we’ll be in the 70s, and finally the roaring winds of the last few days have turned to a delightful calm.  Lovely…

Still Waiting

We’re still waiting for the warmer weather. It’s been a brisk couple of days wind wise, and this morning it was a mere 34 degrees F.

It’s supposed to be warm and in the 70s this weekend, which would be welcome for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

In life we’re always waiting, sometimes the wait is more noticeable than others, but it’s always something. When we’re young, it’s friends, and then the wait for lovers or spouses. Waiting.

When we’re older, it’s the march of life, family, and career. So many waits (or is it waitings?) Soon we’re waiting for retirement, even death.

Societies also grow and mature, and sometimes the undercurrents of discontent, or the mania of rapid bank fueled economic growth leads to another wait. The wait until the coming crash, or the wait until the rebirth.  Always waiting…

The Coyote waits. Sometimes it’s the rabbit hole, at other times the patient wait for the unwary. We’re always waiting…