Arizona History – September 3rd

Thursday, September 3rd

On this date in 1852, the schooner “Capacity” reached the mouth of the Colorado River and unloaded a steam engine, boiler and lumber for the construction of a river steamer.

On this date in 1877, Ed Schieffelin recorded his claim to the “Tombstone Mine” in the Territorial courthouse in Tucson.

On this date in 1929, George Truman, state senator from Pinal County, died in San Francisco. Truman had been a Rough Rider, deputy sheriff, assessor, treasurer and member of the Board of Supervisors for Pinal County.

On this date in 1934, a crowd of 10,000 persons visited Chiricahua National Monument to witness ceremonies opening the new scenic highway through the Wonderland of Rocks.

On this date in 1997, Gov. Fife Symington resigns after being convicted of federal bank fraud charges stemming from his bankrupt real estate empire. The conviction was later overturned and Symington was pardoned by President Clinton in 2001.

(Photo: A Flicker at Chiricahua National Monument  – NPS)

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