Arizona History – October 24th

Saturday, October 24th

On this date in 1831, the Buena Vista Land Grant, 18,640 acres (75 square kilometers) in Santa Cruz County, was given to Dona Josefa Morales.

On this date in 1925, people from the Fox Moving Picture Corporation arrived at Fort Huachuca to film a Western movie. One hundred San Carlos Apache Indians and cavalrymen from the fort were to take part in the filming of “The Thoroughbred.”

On this date in 1929, Jerry W. Sullivan, pioneer rancher of Yavapai County, died at age 86. Sullivan had arrived in Arizona in 1867.

On this date in 1929, the first Helldorado Celebration was held in Tombstone in honor of the town’s 50th birthday. The weather was very cold, and many visitors were stranded in Bisbee in a blinding snowstorm. The municipal power plant in Tombstone failed on the first night of Helldorado, plunging the town into total darkness.

(Photo : Helldorado Celebration, Tombstone AZ)

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