Arizona History – October 1st

Thursday, October 1st

On this date in 1858, the first Butterfield Overland Mail coach entered Arizona by way of Stein’s Pass.

On this date in 1864, the first legislative act of the Territory of Arizona was passed. It empowered the governor to appoint a commission to prepare a code of laws for the Territorial Legislature.

On this date in 1866, Camp Cameron was established in the Santa Rita Mountains.

On this date in 1891, the University of Arizona opened its doors for the first time.

On this date in 1963, the 121-acre Window Rock-Tse Bonito Tribal Park was established by resolution of the Navajo Tribal Council. The park contained the Haystacks and Window Rock area, site of the first stopping place for some 4,000 Navajos on the “long walk” to Fort Sumner in 1864.

(Photo : Window Rock Navajo Tribal Park)

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