Arizona History – November 4th

Wednesday, November 4th

On this date in 1775, because it was San Carlos Day, Father Francisco Garces gave the San Carlos River its name.

On this date in 1929, a truck carrying a load of roofing nails from Tucson to Florence leaked its load along 65 miles of highway, leaving dozens of motorists stranded in its wake with flat tires.

On this date in 1935, Maricopa County opened a drive to raise money for a Will Rogers Memorial.

On this date in 1979, the Iranian hostage crisis began as militants stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. For some of the hostages, it was the start of 444 days of captivity.

On this date in 2001, the Arizona Diamondbacks rally to beat the New York Yankees 3-2 in Game 7 of the World Series and snag their first title.

On this date in 2008, Sen. John McCain of Arizona loses his bid for the U.S. presidency to Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois. Obama received 365 electoral votes while McCain received 173.

(Photo : Arizona Diamondback World Series Win)

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