Arizona History – March 8th

Monday, March 8th

On this date in 1882, The Phoenix Herald reported that saloons were soaking their spittoons in the same irrigation ditches where many residents got their drinking and cooking water.

On this date in 1899, the town of Jerome was incorporated.

On this date in 1913, the Calumet and Arizona Copper Company in Bisbee fumigated the money it paid to employees due to a strict quarantine because of an outbreak of spinal meningitis.

On this date in 1924, two crewmen were injured, one fatally, at Congress Junction when a Santa Fe passenger train was wrecked after vandals pulled up spikes, loosening the rails.

On this date in 1934, 85 mph (137-kph) winds took the roofs off of 25 buildings in Williams.

(Photo : Jerome, AZ)

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