Arizona History – June 5

Friday, June 5

On this date in 1871, Armijo, one of the principal chiefs of the Navajo Nation died.

On this date in 1928, bids were opened for the construction of the North Rim Road of the Grand Canyon.

On this date in 1928, Northern Arizona State Teachers College at Flagstaff graduated the largest class in its history as President Grady Gammage presented 81 certificates.

On this date in 1996, Winslow’s temperature hit 100 degrees, breaking the record of 96 for the day set back in 1957.

(I was here that day, having arrived just the day before to monsoon rains, and my makeshift roof had blown off. It was hot, and I wondered if I had made a mistake leaving a stable career & family behind in Ohio. I can say now that it was the right move.)

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