Arizona History – July 15th

Wednesday, July 15th

On this date in 1859, Alexander John Chandler, first veterinary surgeon in Arizona, he first introduced the long staple cotton, builder of the Consolidated Canal and San Marcos Resort Hotel, and the founder of Chandler, was born.

On this date in 1862, advance troops of the California Column were ambushed in Apache Pass by Indians led by Cochise and Mangus Coloradas. The Apaches were finally driven off, but they surrounded the spring in the pass, keeping the troops from the water. The Apaches were finally dislodged from the rocks around the spring with the use of howitzers which the Indians had never seen before.

On this date in 1865, three Hualapai chiefs granted right of way for the Mojave-Prescott toll road to William H. Hardy in exchange for $150 in merchandise.

On this date in 1883, the city of Mesa was incorporated.

On this date in 1898, Jean Baptiste Salpointe, the first Roman Catholic Bishop of Arizona, died.

On this date in 1948, a state Supreme Court decision leads to American Indians gaining the right to vote in Arizona.

On this date in 1960, a Navajo forked pole hogan was tree ring dated to 1387, the earliest date on record.

(Photo : Tathamiche – Hualapai)

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