Arizona History – January 24th

Sunday, January 24th

On this date in 1887, the first donation to build the Mormon Temple in Mesa was received from Mrs. Helena Roseberry, a poor widow of Pima.

On this date in 1917, a revolt broke out in the Arizona National Guard encampment at Naco with Company M parading up and down the Company Street, shouting that they wanted to go home.

On this date in 1935, El Capitan Kelly, last of the Yuma Indian war chiefs, died at what was believed to be about 125 years of age.

On this date in 1947, Laura B. Middaugh, who claimed to be the great-great niece of Jacob Walz and to have in her possession authentic maps of the Lost Dutchman Mine, headed into the Superstition Mountains in search of the mine.

(Photo : Superstition Mountains)

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