Arizona History – December 19th

Saturday, December 19th

On this date in 1874, after two trials, J.T. Holmes was finally convicted of the killing of Milton B. Duffield, former U.S. marshal, in a quarrel over a mining claim. Holmes was sentenced to three years in prison.

On this date in 1909, two trainmen were killed and 40 passengers injured when the Southern Pacific jumped the tracks near Benson.

On this date in 1917, the governor of Arizona offered a $250 reward for the arsonist who set fires which destroyed hay fields in the Salt River Valley and attempted twice to burn the new Phoenix YMCA building.

On this date in 1929, a fire of undetermined origin partially disrupted the water supply and destroyed two buildings in the business district of Chloride, causing $40,000 damage.

(Photo : vintage Chloride)

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