Arcosanti today – the lost city

There’s a giant contradiction in the middle of the Arizona desert: an experimental city designed for thousands that now contains only a few dozen inhabitants.

For nearly five decades, a group called the Cosanti Foundation has been working to build a city that would inspire a new future of urban design. Today, the project is only 5% complete.

Called Arcosanti, the city was envisioned by Italian architect Paolo Soleri, whose dream was to create an advanced urban laboratory where everyday activities could be powered by Earth’s natural resources. Soleri dubbed his vision an “urban implosion” — referring to design that would promote density and reduce sprawl by eliminating cars and roads. (Ironically, the easiest way to reach the development in the Sonoran Desert is by car.)

Instead of light bulbs, rooms would be illuminated by the sun’s natural rays, and instead of air conditioning, vegetation would provide natural shade.

Source: In Arizona, the Arcosanti desert utopia has become a kind of commune – Business Insider

We drove by without stopping one time. It’s in a beautiful area, but not much has changed over its’ 50 year history. Check out the article…

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